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~ We are beings of frequency,vibration ~

Chrysalis, New Beginnings is a very unique, wholistic program of vibrational alignment for both emotional and physical rejuvenation through medium of crystal sound.

Crystal bowls composed of silicon quartz are highly effective instruments for sound therapy because they produce pure vibrations of the octave. This complete octave of crystal retunes us to the deep pulse of mother earth that has a natural harmony. It's an acoustic source of sound that helps us arrive into the resonance and memory of our being as pure tone and radiance. Through the purity of this tone we are reconnected to our original pattern of harmony.

EEG research has revealed that crystal sound activates deep levels of consciusness where profound healing occurs. The harmonics align the etheric and corporeal being into higher frequencies of Knowing. By listening to the resonating sound of crystal we continue to recall our innate ability to live witinin new integrated levels of our personality.

The foundation program developed by AwaHoshi Kavan includes vocal toning, colour therapy, flower and gem essences, aromatheraphy, hydrotherapy, dietary counseling, body/breath exercises and integrative counseling techniques surrounded by the core practice of crystal music.

Awahoshi Kavan was born in America September 28, 1950 of Czechoslovakian-Native American ancestry. She has traveled throughout Europe, Asia, North and Central America working with Homeopathic Doctors, Allopathic Doctors, Psychologists, and in many Healing and Spiritual study centers. Successful results with 1000's of people reinforce the concept of emotional healing and rejuvenation through pure tone. She has a BA in Communication Therapy, and an MA in Instructional Technology both with magna cum laude honors. Many play crystal but few have the lifestyle of clarity that AwaHoshi lives. For over 30 years she has been studying ancient spiritual teachings from both the East and West, and lives as vegetarian. Take the opportunity to enter profound transformative experiences with her.



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