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Ewa Oceanic Sepik Art Gallery

Ewa Oceanic Sepik Art Gallery provides a glimpse into the complex and diverse art culture of the Sepik region of Papua New Guinea.

Ewa Gallery is a family owned collection of Oceanic Sepik art that has evolved over the last thirty five years. Explorations and film documentaries have led Lubo, Francesca and Bianca Todorov, the family behind the collection, to remote locations throughout the Sepik region of Papua New Guinea.

The range and variety of the pieces available through Ewa Oceanic Art Gallery are diverse, and therefore we are able to offer high quality Sepik Art to collectors, new collectors and Oceanic Art enthusiasts alike.

As each village upon the Sepik river has its own unique artistic style, Ewa aims to provide pieces of high quality and form. With a keen interest in the ancient wood sculptures of the Inyai - Ewa people and neighboring groups of the upper Korewori River in the North East of New Guinea, we continue to explore this fascinating region and experience Papua New Guinea's harsh yet exciting landscape and people.

With our physical gallery space located in Jalan Dewi Sita, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, we are able to meet others from around the globe who seek the individuality of Papua New Guinea art.

We deliever our pieces securely to any location and provide certification of authenticity.

To speak with us in person, visit our gallery space in Jl. Dewi Sita, Ubud, Bali.
If you are interested to obtain further information on any of our pieces, contact us through our online form or email us

Ewa Oceanic Sepik Art Objects

Sosoya Female Figure

Item No: stat_sos_086

Dimensions: 23" x 8"

This piece was found within a cave in the Sosoya region. It appears to represent a female ancestor with age apparent.

Location: Papua New Guinea, Sosoya region.


Large Abelam Ancestral Figure

Item No: stat_0087

Dimensions: 27.5" x 6"

Location: Papua New Guinea, Sepik River region.


Abelam Wood Dance Axe

Item No: stat_abl_088

Dimensions: 23" x 5.5"

Unique Abelam Bird Wood Dance Axe decorated with pigments specific to the Abelam region. Small stylized Abelam male figure carved into the mid section of the piece. Patina is evident on the legs from ongoing use in ceremonies.

Location: Papua New Guinea, Sepik River region.


Cave Sculpture from Karawari

Item No: stat_karw_089

Dimensions: 16.5" x 3.5"

Carved and used by Ewa men during their life, these carvings were kept even after their owner's deaths. Preserved in caves within the Karawari region for generations, some of the carvings are between 200 and 400 years old, making them the oldest surviving examples of wood sculpture from Papua New Guinea.

Location: Papua New Guinea.


Mosquito Nose Mask

Item No: msk_mosq_095

Dimensions: 13" x 9"

Fine example of a hardwood Mosquito Nose mask. The piece has carved incisions on both sides. On the reverse there is evidence that the piece was carved by stone.

Location: Papua New Guinea, Sepik River region.


Ramu River Dance Mask

Item No: msk_rmu_097

Dimensions: 21" x 9"

Large well preserved hardwood mask with piercings through the ears and rim for attachments. Remnants of pigments used remain.

Location: Papua New Guinea, Sepik River region.


Kubalia Dance Mask

Item No: msk_kub_099

Dimensions: 22" x 9"

Large stone carved Kubalia Dance Mask with piercings through the ears, and outer rim for attachments. Intricate design on the forehead. Patina throughout. Very good condition, minor surface loss on the ridge of the nose.

Location: Papua New Guinea, Sepik River region.


Ramu River Ancestral Figure

Item No: stat_0088

Dimensions: 13" x 3"

Location: Papua New Guinea, Sepik River region, Ramu River.


Ramu River Ancestral Mask

Item No: msk_rmu_096

Dimensions: 25.5" x 5.5"

Detailed solid Ancestral mask from Ramu River with intricate carving upon the base of the piece. A small piercing is evident within the nose. The colouration reveals that this piece has been suspended in its original location for an extended time period.

Location: Papua New Guinea, Sepik River region.


Sepik Ancestral Figure

Item No: stat_spk_090

Dimensions: 15" x 4"

Well carved male Sepik Ancestral figure sitting upon a solid base. Remants of pigments remain throughout and patina is evident upon the figure's mid section from handling.

Location: Papua New Guinea, Sepik River region.

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Jl. Dewi Sita, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Tel: +62 08123 683 5261
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