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What Is Bali Directory
What is baliDirectory?
Bali Directory provides information about resources in Bali and beyond that helps users find what they are seeking in the organized 17 major industry categories and over 111 subcategories which keep expanding.

The directory allows users to define their searches and guides them to the most relevant content available, which in turn allows advertisers to reach only the most qualified prospect.
Who Are We & Why We Are Here?
Bali Directory is the web’s leading directory service dedicated exclusively to businesses in Bali and beyond.

The goal of Bali Directory is to provide business professionals an access to business resources including products, services, news, and informations, enabling them to make the right business decisions.

With over 111 industry, product and service categories and subcategories, the Bali Directory provides valuable utility to its users, while advertisers afford laser-focused targeting to reach only the most qualified prospect.
Is baliDirectory Right for My Business?
Bali Directory is the ideal advertising platform for businesses in Bali and beyond that provides the products and services business professionals are seeking from all major industries, ranging from accommodations, arts, computers, education, real estate, wedding, to Balinese culture.
Facts :
67% of people are online.. Can they find your business website?
Your competitors are online already.. How long are you willing to stay behind the times while they build an information online?
Your website is a new customer information generator.. A simple page that allows potential clients to send you a question can generate many valuable informations.
Advertisers with websites convert more customers than advertisers without websites.. If you are advertising in without a website, you are WASTING your advertisement money.
Many people research their business needs at night.. Your site is ALWAYS open to them.
Online consumer spending will reach over 200% from today’s spending in 3 years.. More and more, business is moving online – don’t get left behind.
Advantages :
Use your website as an extension to current advertising (phone books, newspapers, magazines, etc.) - you can expose your potential client to more reasons to support your business.
Use your website to educate your customers - a huge time saver for you.
Word of mouth referrals need a way to find and learn about your business.
“Do you have a website?” - now you can say “Sure we do!”
Educate your clients online - send them to your website instead of explaining the same concepts over and over.
A website is the least expensive way to test your business with millions of people on the internet.
Far less costly and easier to change than printing and distributing brochures.
How to Join Bali Directory?
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