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Richard Winkler
Richard Winkler was born in June 26, 1969 in Norrkoping, Sweden. As a child he was inspired by his grandfather, a painter, who later gave him his first lessons.

After high school, he attended the Nyckelviken School of Art where he studied visual arts, and the Beckmans School of Design where he studied fine arts. He was particularly fascinated by life classes and the human body.
From 1992 to 1997 he worked as an illustrator for magazines, advertising and television. His special creative talents were recognized by such important firms as the Swedish Telecom (Telia) and post office (Posten). He was known for his originality and given great freedom to work as he wished.

In 1997 he moved to Bali. He currently lives in Kedewatan, just north of Ubud.
My earlier works were focused on the lines and curves of the human body.
After a few visits to the tropical island of Sri Lanka, more nature started to appear in my paintings.
In Bali, my figures changed and became more human-like with hands and faces, but at the same time more harmonious with nature. The light and the colours became stronger.
Mostly I start sketching directly on the canvas with charcoal. When I have found a composition I make a detailed drawing. From there I start painting, creating volumes and light with fine strokes. It takes a lot of time to finish a painting. A few weeks up to a month is not unusual. The longest time I have spent on a painting is three months.




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