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Sculpture by Filippos
On entering the Sayan residence of Filippos there is no mistaking you’re in the sculptors’ domain. Offering a flamboyant greeting, the winged figure of the Greek god Picaros stands tall, arms spread and glittering bronze amongst the garden foliage. A glance across the lawn and the eye is drawn to an impressive wooden form, shaped somewhat like a giant nautilus shell, that sits one the edge of the masters' finishing workshop. Entitled ‘The Journey of the Soul’, a closer inspection of the work reveals a male and female figure entwined in a Golden Mean spiral with an onyx ball, suggesting the craftsman is contemplating the universal essence of life. Various symbols are carved around the shell reflecting the creator’s own journey into mythology and ancient civilisations. This piece was on display during the Quest for Global Healing Conference in Ubud, at the Agung Rai Museum last December.
Born near to the ancient marble quarries of Volos, Filippos learnt his trade in his native Greece. He travelled extensively, visiting Spain and Britain, then onto India, Mexico, Siberia, Mongolia, Cambodia and Egypt. However, he instantly knew, when he set foot in Bali fifteen years ago, that this was to become his home.
After a number of exhibitions on the island (The Four Seasons, Komaneka, The Ritz-Carlton and Gaya Gallery have all housed his works) Filippos has just embarked on his largest venture to date. ‘Love and Beyond’ is the title for his solo exhibition at the Indonesian National Gallery in the capital city of Jakarta. With between thirty and thirty-five pieces on display, this exhibition has been ten years in the making. Given the proportions of these works, and variety of materials used, it’s no surprise that Filippos makes use of two workshops; one in Java, where all his marble creations are realised, and another in Bali, where he makes use of the fine craftsmanship of the Balinese wood carvers. His works are then brought to his finishing workshop at his home, a place Filippos describes as the ‘living sculpture, always ongoing’.
No artist could fail to be inspired by the views of the Sayan Ridge, the backdrop to a beautiful residence housing the artist’s personal collection of works.
There is no mistaking the sculptor’s background and strong link to the Greek traditions. Angels and centaurs are widely used, which, along with attention to symmetry, create a feel of balance. One example being a pair of large woodcarvings entitled ‘Falling Into Grace’, which stand in the master bedroom, and portray two mortals falling from the sky and landing in angelic pose. Filippos explained how his pursuit lies in creating beauty through his art form, distancing himself from more abstract contemporary sculptors. His works are certainly aesthetically pleasing and, whilst still mindful of his renaissance background, Filippos feels his style is becoming freer.

Onyx is a material he uses widely, as daylight can be conveyed through this semi-precious stone. At present, Filippos is also experimenting with actually illuminating works from the inside; as he considers light to be an important consideration. His signature piece, ‘The Loving Eye’, is a circular onyx sculpture consisting of seven concaving circles that depreciate inward to a crystal and silver centre, suggesting the light of the sun perhaps this is what is beyond love?




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