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Ebone Designs
Body adornment has weaved its expressions throughout the course of human history - touching all civilizations and indigenous cultures - coloring this world - east to west and north to south. The tapestry created is one of beauty, uniqueness and holds within its threads a multitude of meaning.

Jewelry, body piercing, tattooing and other kinds of body adornment have served as a sacred language. This language speaks of social position, tribal affiliation, and marital status. It speaks of a rite of passage, a birth and a death. Jewelry can also be used for protection and to enhance rituals and celebrations.

The vast expressions of adornment also reflect the fluid concept of beauty and aesthetic pleasure that can be seen in the cultures of the past as well as the present.

The jewelry from Ebone Designs has within it - the roots of tradition, and from these roots spring the inspiration of today. We honor the boldness of expression in all its exotic forms.
Dragon Plugs   Boma
Ebony Plug
  Coconut Wood   Wave Plugs
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Coral Ear Weights   Obsidian labret   Obsidian Ear Weights   Obsidian Hoops
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Bone & Horn
Ring -Skull
  Garuda   Cobra-Curl   Dragon Loop
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Silver & Gold
Padang Padang Spirals Silver   Silver Twist   Silver Curls   Silver Sikut Hoop
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Dragon   Drop   Java Twist   Brass Kalinga
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Ebone Designs
2510 Taft Drive # 204 Boulder, CO 80302 USA
Tel : 888.326.6494
Fax : 303.380.4152
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